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A new and much better search engine than Google perhaps?

How about SearchMash? A new site created by no other than Google, could be the next big thing in the history of search engines.

We all know it’s hard to defeat Google and it’s here to stay for a very long time.

Unless, it turns evil one day. 🙂

Google online OS anyone?

Marc Macalua is looking for sponsors for the 2nd Philippine SEO contest:

Calling all interested parties who want to be part of the distinguished sponsor group for the 2nd Philippine SEO contest, please send me your sponsorship proposals via email. I’ve just finalized the contest mechanics and I’m pleased to announce that as of the moment, the total guaranteed cash pot is at 270,000 PHP 🙂

We’ve come up with some interesting twists to keep the contest honest and exciting. I want to highlight some of these twists:

  • For this contest, we’ll have three sets of winners: forty (40) for Google, ten (10) for Yahoo! and one (1) for MSN.
  • We’re introducing the Triple Jackpot concept. It works this way: the contest entry page that has the highest cumulative rank on Google, Yahoo! and MSN will be declared the grand champion and will receive 60,000.00 PHP (might go up if more sponsors join in). The contest entries that have the second and third highest cumulative ranks on all three search engines will receive the second and third Triple Jackpot prizes, respectively.
  • There will be a Best in Design award worth 10,000.00 PHP (may be more).
  • There will be a launch slash networking party next week (who says SEOs don’t know how to party??) and I’ve invited one very important representative from one of the search engines mentioned above to give a keynote speech, and she has agreed! Details to follow.

Support Philippine SEO! 🙂

Can you drive traffic to your site using ad buttons?

Here’s how: mmmzr

What do you think?

Is Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) much better than Philippine Idol?


You tell us.

The real question is: What do people want?

Seth Godin says:

The same thing everyone else is having, but different.

A menu where the prices aren’t all the same.

More attention than the person sitting next to them.

A slightly lower price than anyone else.

A new model, just moments before anyone else, but only if everyone else is really going to like it.

A seat at a sold out movie.

Access to the best customer service person in the shop, preferably the owner.

Being treated better, but not too much better.

Being noticed, but not too noticed.

Being right.

For me, it’s just one thing:

1. To feel satisfied.

So, what do you think?

Are you satisfied?